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2021 Publications

Designing electrode profiles with the equipotential method
W. Wei
Journal of Electrostatics, 109, 103550 (2021)

Projection imaging with ultracold neutrons
K. Kuk, C. Cude-Woods, C.R. Chavez, J.H. Choi, J. Estrada, M. Hoffbauer, S.E. Holland, M. Makela, C.L. Morris, E. Ramberg, E.R. Adamek, T. Bailey, M. Blatnik, L.J. Broussard, M.A-P Brown, N.B. Callahan, S.M. Clayton, S. Currie,  B.W. Fillippone, E.M. Fries, P. Geltenbort, F. Gonzalez, M.T. Hassan, L. Hayen, K.P. Hickerson, A.T. Holley, T.M. Ito, C-Y Liu, P. Merkel, R. Musedinovic, C. O'Shaughnessy, R.W. Pattie, Jr., B. Plaster, D.J. Salvat, A. Saunders, E.I. Sharapov, X. Sun, Z. Tang, W. Wei, J.W. Wexler, A.R. Young, and Zhehui Wang

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A 1003, 165306 (2021)

An improved neutron lifetimen measurement with UCNtau
F.M. Gonzalez, E.M. Fries, C. Cude-Woods, T. Bailey, M. Blatnik, L.J. Broussard, N.B. Callahan, J.H. Choi, S.M. Clayton, S.A. Currie, M. Dawid, E.B. Dees, B.W. Filippone, W. Fox, P. Geltenbort, E. George, L. Hayen, K.P. Hickerson, M.A. Hoffbauer, K. Hoffman, A.T. Holley, T.M. Ito, A. Komives, C.-Y. Lin, M. Makela, C.L. Morris, R. Musedinovic, C.O. O'Shaughnessy, R.W. Pattie, Jr., J. Ramsey, D.J. Salvat, A. Saunders, E.I. Sharapov, S. Slutsky, V. Su, X. Sun, C. Swank, Z. Tang, W. Ulrich, J. Vanderwerp, P. Walstrom, Z. Wang, W. Wei, and A.R. Young
Physical Review Letters 127, 162501 (2021)