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UCNA publications, reports, and talks Publications related to the UCNA experiment

  1. "New measurements and quantitative analysis of electron backscattering in the energy range of neutron beta-decay", J.W. Martin et al., Phys. Rev. C. 73, 015501 (2006).
  2. "Demonstration of a solid deuterium source of ultracold neutrons", A. Saunders et al., Phys. Lett. B 593, 55 (2004), arXiv:nucl-ex/0312021.
  3. "Measurement of electron backscattering in the energy range of neutron beta decay", J.W. Martin et al., Phys. Rev. C 68, 055503 (2003).
  4. "An apparatus to control and monitor the para-D2 concentration in a solid deuterium, superthermal source of ultra-cold neutrons", C.Y. Liu et al., Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys. Res. A 508, 257 (2003), arXiv:nucl-ex/0307008.
  5. "Measurements of ultracold neutron lifetimes in solid deuterium", C.L. Morris et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 272501 (2002).
  6. "A double-focusing Helmholtz-coil spectrometer", J. Yuan et al., Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys. Res. A 465, 404 (2001), preprint.
  7. "A proposed measurement of the beta asymmetry in neutron decay with the Los Alamos ultra-cold neutron source", B. Tipton et al., AIP Conf. Proc. 539, 286 (2000).

Other suggested reading

  1. "Possible tests of time reversal invariance in beta decay", J.D. Jackson, S.B. Treiman, and H.W. Wyld, Jr., Phys. Rev. 106, 517 (1957).
  2. "Precision measurements and CKM unitarity", A. Czarnecki, W.J. Marciano, and A. Sirlin, Phys. Rev. D 70, 093006 (2004).
  3. "Low energy tests of the weak interaction", J. Erler and M.J. Ramsey-Musolf, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 54, 351 (2005), arXiv:hep-ph/0404291.
  4. "Fundamental neutron physics", J.S. Nico and W.M. Snow, Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 55, 27 (2005).
  5. "Tests of the standard electroweak model in beta decay", N. Severijns, M. Beck, and O. Naviliat-Cuncic, Rev. Mod. Phys. 78, 991 (2006).
  6. "Improved calculation of electroweak radiative corrections and the value of Vud ", W.J. Marciano and A. Sirlin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 032002 (2006).
  7. "Low energy precision test of supersymmetry", M.J. Ramsey-Musolf and S. Su, arXiv:hep-ph/0612057.
  8. Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Fundamental Physics with Neutrons (2003).  NSAC website.

UCNA funding proposals (password protected)

  1. DOE proposal for the UCNA experiment, "Technical review report for an accurate measurement of the neutron spin - electron angular correlation in polarized neutron beta decay with ultra-cold neutrons" (April 11, 2000).
  2. LANL LDRD proposal, "Probing new physics with ultra-cold neutrons" (June 29, 2004).
  3. White paper for the DOE LANL neutron review, "The ultra-cold neutron source and beta asymmetry experiment" (July 12, 2004).

Internal technical reports (password protected)

  1. Report CIT-UCNA-01: "UCN spin transport -- Majorana spin re-orientation", T. Ito (May 21, 2001).
  2. Report CIT-UCNA-02: "Vacuum calculation notes for the UCNA spectrometer", B. Tipton (March 12, 2002).
  3. Report CIT-UCNA-03: "Thin mylar backscattering", J. Yuan (May 8, 2002).
  4. Report CIT-UCNA-04: "UCNA experiment wire chamber baseline design", T. Ito (June 17, 2002).
  5. Report CIT-UCNA-05: "Silicon detector design for UCNA", J.W. Martin (June 20, 2002).
  6. Report CIT-UCNA-06: "UCNA front-end electronics baseline", J.W. Martin (July 31, 2002).
  7. Report CIT-UCNA-07: "The beta scintillator detector design report for the UCNA experiment", B. Tipton (August 4, 2002).
  8. Report CIT-UCNA-08: "Ambient gamma ray background in the UCNA experiment", B. Tipton (September 26, 2002).
  9. Report CIT-UCNA-09: "Cosmic ray background in the UCNA experiment", B. Tipton (September 30, 2002).
  10. Report CIT-UCNA-10: "UCNA electronics design, cost, and schedule", J.W. Martin (February 11, 2003).
  11. Report CIT-UCNA-11: "Simulation of UCNA spectrometer with GEANT4", J. Yuan et al. (September 10, 2003).
  12. Report CIT-UCNA-12: "Systematic effects due to e- detection in UCNA", J. Yuan et al. (December 12, 2003).
  13. Report CIT-UCNA-13: "Calibration of beta-detector package", J. Yuan (December 23, 2003).
  14. Report CIT-UCNA-14: "Analysis of the data for single-channel cathode readout", J. Yuan (January 28, 2004).
  15. Report CIT-UCNA-15: "Pre-proposal submission for a silicon detector array for UCNA", J.W. Martin and B.W. Filippone (February 13, 2004).
  16. Report CIT-UCNA-16: "Background of beta detectors from April 2004 LANSCE runs", J. Yuan (June 25, 2004).
  17. Report CIT-UCNA-17: "Analysis of MWPC data", J. Yuan et al. (July 1, 2004).
  18. Report CIT-UCNA-18: "Performance of a prototype gaseous vacuum recirculation system with neon", B. Plaster et al. (December 14, 2005).
  19. Report CIT-UCNA-19: "Calibration of the electron spectrometer for a precision measurement of the neutron beta-asymmetry", B. Plaster et al. (January 6, 2007).
  20. Report CIT-UCNA-20: "Minimizing Error in Asymmetry Extrapolations ", K. Hickerson et al. (May 2, 2008).

Theses (password protected)

  1. J. Yuan, Ph.D. thesis: "Progress Towards a High Precision Measurement of the Neutron Spin-Electron Angular Correlation in Polarized Neutron Beta-Decay with Ultra-Cold Neutrons" (October 2005).
  2. J. Hsiao, B.S. thesis: "Commissioning of Ultra-Cold Neutron Asymmetry Spectrometer" (May 2006).

Talks (password protected)

  1. B.W. Filippone, "Physics with ultra-cold neutrons", presentation for Physics 242 (October 2003).
  2. B.W. Filippone, physics colloquium at Caltech (November 2005).
  3. J.Y. Hsiao, presentation for senior thesis proposal (November 2005).
  4. B. Plaster, contributed talk on SCS calibration at APS meeting in Dallas, TX (April 2006).
  5. B.W. Filippone, lectures (#1, #2, #3, #4) at the National Nuclear Physics Summer School (Summer 2006).

Posters (password protected)

  1. J.W. Martin, "The beta-asymmetry in neutron decay", poster presented at the "From Zero to Z-Zero" workshop at Fermilab (May 2004).
  2. B. Plaster, "Precision measurement of the neutron beta-decay asymmetry using ultra-cold neutrons", poster presented at the Gordon Research Conference on Nuclear Physics at Bates College (July 2005).  Won FIRST PRIZE !  :)

SURF reports (password protected)

  1. M.J. Betancourt, "Measurement of electron backscattering from plastic scintillator for neutron beta-decay" (Summer 2004).
  2. E.G. Dreyer "Studies of large area silicon detectors to be used to measure the neutron beta-decay asymmetry" (Summer 2004).
  3. G. Cheng, "Magnetic mapping of the superconducting solenoidal spectrometer for the UCNA experiment" (Summer 2005).
  4. J.Y Hsiao, "Analysis for the UCNA experiment" (Summer 2005).
  5. G. Cheng, "Implementation of Xenon recirculation system for the UCNA experiment" (Summer 2006).

UCNA/Caltech Publications Talks Page

Here are some links to publications from the UCNA experiment.

"Demonstration of a Solid Deuterium Source of Ultracold Neutrons", A. Saunders et al, nucl-ex/0312021 (pdf)

"Measurement of Electron Backscattering in the Energy Range of Neutron Beta Decay", J. W. Martin et al, Phys. Rev. C 68, 055503 (2003) (pdf)

"Measurements of Ultracold-Neutron Lifetimes in Solid Deuterium", C. Morris et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 272501 (2002) (pdf)


Here are some links to talks on the UCNA experiment by members of the group.

Colloquium at Argonne/BWF (5/02): PDF or PPT

Caltech grad student seminar course[Phys. 242(3/02)]/BWF: PDF or PPT

Low Energy Electroweak Precision Measurement Workshop(4/02)/JWM: <href="jm_leepm02.pdf">PDF or PPT

Advanced Undergrad Introduction(8/02)]/JWM: PDF or PPT