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UCNA Experiment

UCNA is an experiment that will probe neutron decay with unprecedented precision. Previous experiments measuring the correlation between a neutron's spin and its decay electron's momentum (the "A-correlation") have arrived at inconsistent results. The UCNA experiment will measure this correlation with a factor of four improvement in precision and will bring our understanding of the weak interaction responsible for neutron decay to a new level. The results may offer a glimpse into new phenomena beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

The experiment is part of a broader program to develop a high intensity source of Ultra-Cold Neutrons (UCN) in the United States; a first generation source is running now at Los Alamos National Laboratory. We have been taking asymmetry data since 2008 and have recently published a precision result on the neutron's axial vector weak coupling (to read the article, click here).

This web page is a resource for the involvement of Caltech in this project.

We are also involved in another UCN experiment searching for an electric dipole moment of the neutron.

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